Monday, May 8, 2017

The Best Apps for Your Android Tablet

Android app development for tablets has come a long way and now provides numerous apps which are extremely useful for your handheld device. They help in performing a number of tasks on it including reading, managing the expenses, providing entertainment etc. The large screen of the tablet helps the users in having a better experience and enjoying the use of these apps to the fullest:

The Different Adobe Apps
There are tons of Adobe apps and most of them work better on the bigger screens of tablets. The plus point is that these apps work well with their desktop counterparts too although they are not as fine as them. They allow a great user experience which is a lot better than the expectation of most of the people regarding a smartphone app.

Amazon Kindle
This is an exceptional reading platform which is loaded with a number of e-books. By downloading this app on your tablet, you will get the similar experience as that of reading a book because of the large screen. There are a lot of reading options and it is also possible to download books for offline reading. If you are short on money, there is an entire collection of free books on this app as well. You can find dozens of other e-book readers but none of them is as solid as this one.

Previously owned by Nokia, this navigation app features all that stuff which is found in a GPS app. It provides turn by turn directions and information about real-time traffic. The app supports offline maps as well which means that you can use these maps even without being connected to any source of the internet. It doesn’t match the stature of Google Maps but the offline maps feature gives it an edge over it.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office has an entire suite of apps which work together to perform various professional functions. By installing Microsoft Office, you will have OneDrive for cloud storage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and a few other software as well bringing ease to your tasks. You can utilize these tools for free however, the additional cloud storage will be paid.

This is surely one of the best keyboard apps for android and serves to be of great utility for tablet users. It has a layout which allows half of the keyboard to move to one side and the other half to the other side providing convenience in typing to the users. The app allows you to set it up other ways as well according to your preference. It is a free app but you are required to pay for the additional themes.

By having these apps on your tablet, you can enhance your user experience by enjoying various activities as well as gaining ease of use. Android App Development for Tablets UAE has provided numerous opportunities to all the users to use the best apps and provide comfort to themselves.

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