Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Landscape your Home to Get Closer to Nature

Our lives today are complicated beyond our means. As humans, we designed an artificial way of living in the cities and towns. For example, artificial lights enable us to keep awake for longer, and thus disrupts our sleep cycle. Everywhere we go, we need to drive there, instead of walking there. Need to wash dirty laundry? Well, simply toss it in the washer. Without technology, we would certainly be closer to nature. As humans, we need to exercise our mind and body. Sadly, we are doing neither of that when we live in modern cities. Go live out in the nature for a few days, and instantly you will feel different in how you view the world. Being close to nature opens your mind, you become more attuned to your surrounding and your body.

As it turns out, there are plenty of benefits of being close to nature, new studies show that children who study outside in the open, tend to learn quicker and retain that information longer. In fact, scientists have discovered that there is a thing called nature deficit disorder. In this disorder, people exhibit high stress due to spending excessive amount of time indoors. Accordingly, treatments such as eco-therapy are geared towards eliminating this stress by exposing the person to natural, outdoor surroundings. In fact, living in natural surroundings can cure a host of ailments. When outside, your body begins to produce vitamin D, you also reduce your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and lower your anxiety and stress levels. What’s more, if you work from home, say on a computer, go outside and sit on a bench, start working on your laptop, you’ll find that you are more focused on your work, and can think much clearer.

Moving on, if you own a backyard, that’s great, all you need to do is contact a professional specializing in working on Landscape john’s creek GA. What’s more, if you have kids, chances are they are being cooped up indoors – playing video games. A properly landscape backyard can be a great way to invite nature into your backyard. Surely, once you have planted the appropriate flora and fauna, you’ll notice that birds and bees will be attracted in your backyard. Accordingly, by planting trees, flowers and other shrubs, you’ll be contributing to nature. What’s more, a well landscaped backyard can dramatically improve the value of your home. Likewise, when you do put up your home for sale, chances are high that you’ll get a good price for it.

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