Monday, February 27, 2017

How Mobile Technologies Facilitate Effective Performance Management

This is an Example of a Title Tag that is Seventy Characters in Length The progress towards introducing mobile technology in the performance management is something corporate world needs to do for better employee evaluation and decision making. Performance management apps regardless of the UI types work under the same umbrella of staff and workforce management activities. A proper use promotes cooperation, order and organization among the employees.

Let’s examine some of the major characteristics a performance review app must incorporate in order to serve its true purpose in the business world.

1. As Often as Required
When it comes to feedback, the word ‘regular’ is considered rather unclear. For some managers, a feedback should be given every week, while for others every month. A better and more efficient option is to align the feedback frequency with the employee’s performance output levels. In short, feedback should follow certain standards and progress parameters. The timely updates will help the manager to keep a regular check on his/her resources regarding performance.

2. Useful and Timely Feedback
Employees and most specifically the newcomers in industry, are motivated by the opportunities given for career growth. Rather than discussing their failures with their respective line managers, employees tend to fare better when constructive feedbacks over their performance are given and how best to counter their issues in order to become a better professional.

A performance management app enables the manager to communicate and provide guidance to his team directly from his smartphone. Once an employer fills the fields in the app regarding his/her performance reporting, the manager will be instantly notified of the update. In critical cases, the manager may immediately call the employee to discuss important matters, while normally the manager will use the notification on the app to reply for the employee reviews provided.

3.Feedback Templates
To ease the process of follow-ups on the employee reviews, modern mobile apps contain standard forms which can be customized as per the requirements of the company considered important by the HR department. The forms can be created in open or close ended format and contains a defined number of questions which varies from company to company.

4. Depersonalized Reproval
Even the best of employees are subjected to some extent of criticism. In workplaces, constructive comments and feedbacks are quite often taken from a negative and demotivating aspect which tends to obstruct the employee’s view for growth. Therefore, HR managers are highly advised to devise feedback forms in a way that depersonalize negative feedback to the utmost extent.

In such cases, a mobile app can be used to term negative comments as ‘suggestions’ for the employees. Besides allowing managers time to stabilize their mental state, the online forms can enlist some well-thought questions such as: which employee’s negative aspects needs for attention? How to boost the performance of an employee? Such questions sound assertive and will keep any manager within his professional composure and temper.

5.Agile Ranking
Annual ranking is very difficult to argue and justify in most of the workplaces, as employees’ performance tend to change over the course of 12 months and new arrivals come and go throughout the year. Whereas, using a mobile app in this regard will help you in maintaining weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual performance reviews which can be filtered according to the ratings assigned to each employee. This will make it easy to identify and separate our high-performance individuals, hence, easing the process of rewards, compensations, increments, and promotions on the basis of facts and figures.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Select Building Materials to Reduce the Effects of Flood Damage

Realizing the essential construction materials and their attributes of how to reduce the severity of flood damage and protection is vital especially in areas prone to such natural disasters. No matter how much safety and protection we tend to put in our home and surrounding structures, but water eventually tends to enter into the wall, floor and other systems. Some materials used in house construction is more resistant to flood water, moisture, and mold as compared to other materials. Choosing to install materials that are more likely to submerge or partially touch the flood water for three days or more is helpful for the structural durability of the house located in the midst of hurricane or flood affected areas.

Additional research and testing is needed of experimenting different materials in the walls of homes and see how well they perform in the draining and drying process. This calls for construction and remodeling techniques to allow the walls, floors, and drainage systems for facilitating the drying and draining of water. Water and vapor must escape seamlessly in a two-way direction in order to fasten the process.

How to choose materials
Choose the materials on the basis of the following characteristics:
·         Water-tolerant or damage resistant
·         Easily cleanable
·         Easy and quick to dry from the walls, floors and systems
·         Mold or rust growth resistant
·         Protection to surrounding structures from catching moisture or water
·         Strong enough to maintain the shape of the material when exposed to water
·         Do not alter the strength and durability of the material from water or moisture exposure

Why do you need to select the above materials?
Cleanup of flood water and debris is easy when such materials are properly installed in a home. Materials should also be strong enough to protect against disinfectants. Do see that paper, wallboard, and natural fiber items for instance, jute, linen, cotton, etc. are prone to mold and corrosion as compared to synthetic materials like olefin and nylon. Some materials are directed to deformation or delamination. Hard surfaces such as those of metal are easier to wipe as compared to porous surfaces like ceiling, upholstered furnishings, and wallboard. The pace of the drying process is affected on how these materials are used to make the walls and floors.

Construct structural systems for draining and drying purposes
It is important that walls, floors and other structural systems should have the ability to dry from at least one direction. During the selection process of the materials to be used in the walls and other systems, it is crucial to take the resistance to flood damage, location and functional factors into consideration. Some materials even have the tendency to dry itself without incurring any damage from the still water.

Contact officials
All before the selection and installation of building materials, contact the local or area building officials and floodplain manager pertaining building requirements. Study the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) along with the state and local requirements.

The NFIP mandates the construction materials to be flood damage repair Baton Rouge in areas located below the Base Flood Elevation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states a pure flood-resistant material should be able to bear direct contact with water for 72 hours at minimum without acquiring any major damage. Consult the local flood reconstruction and home remodeling companies regarding the standards of top construction materials. Do remember several factors including the house’s design, structure, natural environment, and climatic changes affect the type of materials preferred and insulation methods greatly.

Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Choose a Dentist

Having a personal dentist is essential and waiting to choose one when an emergency arises is definitely not a wise idea. You must consider the following things while looking for a dentist as they will enable you to make the decision wisely and find the best dentist Orleans for yourself.

Location of the Dentist
It is very important to go to a dentist which is close to your home and work. Taking time out of the schedule and make an hour long travel is definitely not worth it and will make you miss a lot of important appointments as well.

The Office Hours
You need to go to a dentist which provides flexible hours so that you can manage the appointments in your busy schedule. If the situation is not so then it is better to look for some other one.

Cost and Fee
Is the dentist accepting your insurance? How many payment options does he offer? Be aware of the costs of the dentist and keep in mind that they keep on varying with the kind of treatment involved. It is better to get the estimates beforehand so that you are not left astounded by the end of a treatment.

Professional Qualifications
You can inquire from dentist’s office about his training and education. If you think that the information provided by the staff is unsatisfactory and if they were uncomfortable in answering all your other questions then this dentist is definitely not worth your time.

State Licensing
Most of the states have a website which helps you in checking whether the dentist you want to go for has a license from the state or not. These websites also tell you about the past records and let you know if a disciplinary action has been taken against a particular dentist or not.

Personal Comfort
There is no point of going to a dentist with whom you do not even feel comfortable. If he is not able to explain you the symptoms properly and if you are hesitant in asking questions then a better way out is to get rid of such a dentist and look for someone with whom you can enjoy a higher level of comfort.

Emergency Care
Before choosing a dentist, it is imperative for you to find out how he deals with emergencies. He must not be referring you to a hospital if such a situation arises rather must be able to tackle the situation himself. Be it any time of the day or night, your dentist must be in your access either through emails, pager, or a phone call.

If you think that a particular dentist satisfies all the above-mentioned points then he is definitely the best dentist for you who will ensure that all your treatments are carried out smoothly.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Google Nexus 10 Is the Tablet You Always Wanted

Being a worthy competitor to the Apple’s latest iPad, this one definitely stands strong in the market because of its competitive price, high-resolution display, and some really strong specs. It is one of the most capable tablets and surprisingly low priced as well.

Coming out in two different storage sizes which are 16GB and 32GB, this one doesn’t provide space for extra storage. But the lack of this feature doesn’t steal away the magnificent working and display of this tablet. Here are some of the few reasons which make it essential to get your hands on this tablet:

Improved Pixels
People do say that more pixels do not necessarily mean a better display but contrary to this opinion, pixels actually do play a vital role in providing you a better viewing experience. Supporting a 2560 x 1600 pixel display, the 10.1-inch screen of Nexus 10 is a treat for the users. The pixel density of the screen is 300 pixels per inch which surpass the iPad’s Retina display which is 264 pixels per inch. This is the reason that this tablet provides clarity and sharpness in its display providing an awesome result to the users.

Sleek Design
Although it is heavier than a lot of other competing tablets but is lighter than the iPad. The increased weight will only be a disappointment if one holds it with one hand for longer periods of time. The subtle design reflects a serious effort by the makers to make the tablet stand out in the market and it surely does. The soft curves and the sloping edges make it easy to hold and give a very appealing appearance to the onlooker.

Compatible with Numerous Apps
One can easily download and use any app from the PlayStore on this device. The Android 4.2 operating system makes it possible to run any app smoothly on it and make the tablet experience enjoyable for the users. Whether you want to play a particular game or want some added security for your tablet through an app, you can easily download all those on this device without any hassle.

Reasonable Priced
As mentioned above, the tablet has been priced very reasonably and this is one of the foremost reasons that the retailers were able to sell Google Nexus 10 16GB with quite an ease. These tablets attracted a lot of customers because they were getting very fine quality in a fraction of what they have to pay if buying something similar in the market.

This particular tablet stays to be one of the most favorite tablets because of the numerous useful features and affordable price. It also has a high resale value because if you want to sell Google Nexus 10 16GB, you’ll get a pretty reasonable return which is not the case with other tablets.