Monday, February 27, 2017

How Mobile Technologies Facilitate Effective Performance Management

This is an Example of a Title Tag that is Seventy Characters in Length The progress towards introducing mobile technology in the performance management is something corporate world needs to do for better employee evaluation and decision making. Performance management apps regardless of the UI types work under the same umbrella of staff and workforce management activities. A proper use promotes cooperation, order and organization among the employees.

Let’s examine some of the major characteristics a performance review app must incorporate in order to serve its true purpose in the business world.

1. As Often as Required
When it comes to feedback, the word ‘regular’ is considered rather unclear. For some managers, a feedback should be given every week, while for others every month. A better and more efficient option is to align the feedback frequency with the employee’s performance output levels. In short, feedback should follow certain standards and progress parameters. The timely updates will help the manager to keep a regular check on his/her resources regarding performance.

2. Useful and Timely Feedback
Employees and most specifically the newcomers in industry, are motivated by the opportunities given for career growth. Rather than discussing their failures with their respective line managers, employees tend to fare better when constructive feedbacks over their performance are given and how best to counter their issues in order to become a better professional.

A performance management app enables the manager to communicate and provide guidance to his team directly from his smartphone. Once an employer fills the fields in the app regarding his/her performance reporting, the manager will be instantly notified of the update. In critical cases, the manager may immediately call the employee to discuss important matters, while normally the manager will use the notification on the app to reply for the employee reviews provided.

3.Feedback Templates
To ease the process of follow-ups on the employee reviews, modern mobile apps contain standard forms which can be customized as per the requirements of the company considered important by the HR department. The forms can be created in open or close ended format and contains a defined number of questions which varies from company to company.

4. Depersonalized Reproval
Even the best of employees are subjected to some extent of criticism. In workplaces, constructive comments and feedbacks are quite often taken from a negative and demotivating aspect which tends to obstruct the employee’s view for growth. Therefore, HR managers are highly advised to devise feedback forms in a way that depersonalize negative feedback to the utmost extent.

In such cases, a mobile app can be used to term negative comments as ‘suggestions’ for the employees. Besides allowing managers time to stabilize their mental state, the online forms can enlist some well-thought questions such as: which employee’s negative aspects needs for attention? How to boost the performance of an employee? Such questions sound assertive and will keep any manager within his professional composure and temper.

5.Agile Ranking
Annual ranking is very difficult to argue and justify in most of the workplaces, as employees’ performance tend to change over the course of 12 months and new arrivals come and go throughout the year. Whereas, using a mobile app in this regard will help you in maintaining weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual performance reviews which can be filtered according to the ratings assigned to each employee. This will make it easy to identify and separate our high-performance individuals, hence, easing the process of rewards, compensations, increments, and promotions on the basis of facts and figures.

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