Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Google Nexus 10 Is the Tablet You Always Wanted

Being a worthy competitor to the Apple’s latest iPad, this one definitely stands strong in the market because of its competitive price, high-resolution display, and some really strong specs. It is one of the most capable tablets and surprisingly low priced as well.

Coming out in two different storage sizes which are 16GB and 32GB, this one doesn’t provide space for extra storage. But the lack of this feature doesn’t steal away the magnificent working and display of this tablet. Here are some of the few reasons which make it essential to get your hands on this tablet:

Improved Pixels
People do say that more pixels do not necessarily mean a better display but contrary to this opinion, pixels actually do play a vital role in providing you a better viewing experience. Supporting a 2560 x 1600 pixel display, the 10.1-inch screen of Nexus 10 is a treat for the users. The pixel density of the screen is 300 pixels per inch which surpass the iPad’s Retina display which is 264 pixels per inch. This is the reason that this tablet provides clarity and sharpness in its display providing an awesome result to the users.

Sleek Design
Although it is heavier than a lot of other competing tablets but is lighter than the iPad. The increased weight will only be a disappointment if one holds it with one hand for longer periods of time. The subtle design reflects a serious effort by the makers to make the tablet stand out in the market and it surely does. The soft curves and the sloping edges make it easy to hold and give a very appealing appearance to the onlooker.

Compatible with Numerous Apps
One can easily download and use any app from the PlayStore on this device. The Android 4.2 operating system makes it possible to run any app smoothly on it and make the tablet experience enjoyable for the users. Whether you want to play a particular game or want some added security for your tablet through an app, you can easily download all those on this device without any hassle.

Reasonable Priced
As mentioned above, the tablet has been priced very reasonably and this is one of the foremost reasons that the retailers were able to sell Google Nexus 10 16GB with quite an ease. These tablets attracted a lot of customers because they were getting very fine quality in a fraction of what they have to pay if buying something similar in the market.

This particular tablet stays to be one of the most favorite tablets because of the numerous useful features and affordable price. It also has a high resale value because if you want to sell Google Nexus 10 16GB, you’ll get a pretty reasonable return which is not the case with other tablets.

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