Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The best iPad apps of 2016

Say hello to 2017, a new year for entertainment, politics and of course technology. The technical world has been progressing on a ridiculously fast rate. Who knows what we will witness this new year. They said that we would soon see cars flying but thankfully that day has not come yet. They said robots would take over, and the revolutionary era has begun. We cannot make many predictions. Nonetheless, 2016 was also a good year for science and technology. Countless applications and websites were launched. The iPhone went jack-less and other phones exploded. The iPad saw good updates and improvements too, which is why we will be listing down the top five iPad apps of 2016. All the apps included in the list are free and available on iOS.

Autodesk Sketchbook:
If you are into drawing or sketching, this app is definitely for you. A few years ago, it was hard to imagine people using a medium other than the basic pen and paper for doodling, though modern technology has proven otherwise. The app comes with quite a variety of tools and brushes, all customizable, and a storage on iCloud or Dropbox. This app pleased artists all over.

Are you one of those creative people who do not shy away from a good DIY? Snapguide will definitely compliment your curiosity. It features numerous tutorials, recipes, instructions, projects covering a variety of interests and categories. Like, comment, share or even create and upload your own Snapguide!

For all the bookworms out there, hungry for material to binge on, Kindle is considered one of the top reading apps of 2016. An incredibly huge library and reading interface that covers many genres and authors. Because the iPad has the ideal size, the experience would be as close to reading a real book as possible.

Now just because book readers can get their fun doesn’t mean comic lovers will not get what they want. Comics is an app that features works from your favorite publishers like DC, Marvel, IDW and Image. There may be in-app purchasing, depending on what you wish to read. The smart, practical design of the iPad enables trouble free reading experience and operation of the app for the reader.

Paper by Fifty Three:
This app initially started as a drawing tool but it has come a long way since. The updated version of the app enables you to take notes and maintain checklists, to be more organized while keeping the artistic element of doodling intact. You can also save or transfer your important work or documents to PDF or PowerPoint to keep it safe.

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