Monday, January 9, 2017

4 Tips Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner is a blessing for the hot summer months. Keeping you cool so you don’t lose your cool is your unit’s job, which does a good job at it. In order to keep your AC running smooth will require some maintenance from you. It will work efficiently, save you money, and last longer so you do not have to chance your unit after a few years. Good maintenance can actually prolong your unit’s life and it does not require a hardcore care and management routine, keeping a check on a few things every now and then goes a long way. Here a few tips you could keep in mind the next time you laze around the house on a Sunday:

1. Cleaning or replacing your air filter is probably the most annoying task among all of the maintenance chores, but also the most important. When the air filter is blocked and dirt and dust form a thick coating over it, the unit starts to work hard then it should; consuming more energy. The system can also wear out from all of the strength it will use. Plus, from a healthier aspect, a dirty filter can trigger allergies if people are sensitive to dust or pollutants. Thus cleaning your filter is not something you should be putting off. In summer months when your AC usage increases, you need to check up on those filters at least once a month!

2. Check your condenser unit’s fan. Ensure that it is in quality condition. If your unit is old, you may need to oil the fan motor regularly to prevent screeching or jamming. If you see any chipping or breaking in the fan blades, it is probably time to change it.

3. Check your wiring. This is something you should be aware of as a safety hazard. Your AC will run smoothly only if your electric connections are properly constructed and safely secured. Turn the electricity off as a precaution before opening up your unit’s access panel and checking the wires. Ensure that the wires are intact and there is no flicking, melting or breakage. These could be warning signs of overheating which need to be taken care off. It is advised that you do not go through with this alone, and call for professional help.

4. Make sure that the outside unit is clean. Overtime, leaves or dirt may get stuck to it reducing the airflow. This will cause your system to work inefficiently, making use of more energy and wearing out eventually. Try to make the surrounding area neat, by trimming the bushes and grasses and keep the trashcan away, so nothing flies around and goes inside it.

If you find anything that is above your understanding or knowledge of AC units, it is best you call a professional maintenance team so they can examine the case without risks of injury. Safety is most important and one should not challenge that.

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