Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Some Easy and Simple Gardening Tips and Ideas

It’s not a thing to complete by the click of fingers, but wanting to see a beautiful garden in your backyard requires lot of hard work. However, gardening and landscaping is not a hardcore science. It’s an art where even the most experienced gardeners make mistakes, so new and inexperienced gardeners should not worry much. Let’s see few tips and ideas how you can master the basics and become able to blossom a beautiful garden in your house.

Choose the right plants
Before finalizing the plant menu list for your garden, you need to see what type of soil is soaked into your land. Is it light and sandy or clay and heavy? Not necessarily a plant that thrives in one soil will grow equally in other type too. You can also study your neighbor’s garden to see which type of plants and soil they have.

Give ample spacing
It is easy to get temped by densely populated gardens you can see anywhere. But see carefully if your plants would be able to accommodate themselves in such fitting spaces. Normally, it becomes very difficult for young plants to survive in tight bed spaces. Even if they do, then also you need to cater with frequent watering and fertilizing. Crowded plants are also easily prone to many diseases. Plant labels indicates how much space a plant needs.

New plants require gentle hands
As a beginner, it is very likely you could break or bruise plants when pulling them out of their pots by stems. It is better to squeeze the pot gently from sideways, then turn it upside-down and catch the plant as it slides out.

Plan your design
Before you start any digging in your lawn, make sure you have the structure garden structure planned. Place bulbs and plants on soil so that you can move them freely. Try different arrangements till you come across one that makes you happy with the garden looking the way you want.

Soak the roots
A dry root ball is as useless as a dead plant in itself. Soak the root balls of plants well before placing into the hole. Make sure the hole is bigger than the root ball so that roots are able to easily spread out in the soil and absorb essential moisture and nutrients.

For beginners, it is easy to forget their own garden structure such as which plant has been placed and where. Do some work in labelling the plant in the ground next to the seeds and bulbs. Normally, most plants comes with labels whenever you purchase any from a garden center.

Water carefully
Plants have a natural tendency to absorb moisture from air and does not need daily artificial watering. However, things are not this easy in case of a drought. One way to check moisture of your plant is to poke your finger around two inches deep in the soil. If it comes out dry, then water accordingly.

No tolerance for invasive weeds
Hold this fact strongly in your gardening work that weeds are one of the destructive most things that could happen to your lawn. Weeds easily find their way into even the most protected of lawns. Therefore, remove weeds regularly and make sure to remove from roots.

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