Monday, June 6, 2016

6 Amazing Benefits You Can Avail After Owning a Franchise

Many young and aspiring entrepreneurs have some fantastic ideas regarding start-up of a new business. But not necessarily all are able to put their ideas into practice due to few major limitations like initial investment and more importantly lack of experience of working in that particular industry. No doubt it is complex and difficult to survive in this competitive world. But there are other options available too as how to kick start your business with minimum fuss. The option of owning a franchise, for e.g., in a restaurant business liquidates the risks of start-ups and gives a much safer path to inexperienced entrepreneurs in the market. Let’s discuss some major benefits you can avail in buying a franchise.


Advertising is one of the big things that can project your business to boom in no time. Having your restaurant in a prime location wouldn’t get loads of customers walking through the door if you have invested little or none in advertising. Point of concern is that effective advertising is expensive. The best thing about franchising is that owners offers national advertising campaigns that are already included in your franchise fee. You wouldn’t have to worry about spending big bucks on advertising agencies.


A franchisee enjoys the reputation he is granted by franchisor. Protection comes from the legal departments that will take care of your law suits, employee issues, accidents, etc. Reputation protects the goodwill of both buyer and seller and keeps the business ticking.

Purchasing Power/Lower Overhead Costs:

When a franchisor buys new products or expands his product portfolio, he gets a discount due to the fact that purchasing is being done on behalf of a large number of franchisees. This enables franchisee to negotiate prices on many items at lower costs than you could avail if working as an independent business. Not only this applies to initial purchasing of furniture and equipment but also for the ongoing operations items like inventory, disposable equipment, etc. Access to items in bulk also gets easy because of the company’s nationwide distribution system. This is particularly helpful in case your franchise is having large sales and you want to keep your stock filled at all times.

Real Estate or Site Assistance:

Most businesses have documentation manuals to help you find the best possible deal and location for your site. This helps in saving considerable costs from acquiring an external real estate consultancy service and can provide the right sites with the highest profit potential.

Construction Assistance:

Franchisors also offer construction consultancies that helps in designing the layout of your building. Contractors are available in the agreement that builds your construction plan along with the best furniture and equipment you can get in most cost-effective manner.

Risk Avoidance:

Summing up all the benefits and doings in owning a franchise. It can be concluded that franchise helps you in avoiding major risks and hiccups you may encounter in an independent business either sooner or later. One can argue that an independent business owner does not have to pay periodic fees as happens with a franchisee. But what about the costs he has to endure after failures, lack of competitive advantage, legal protection, etc. These risks are diversified when you go for the franchising option as losses are bear by both parties. Opening a start-up is never easy with investment issues as the most critical one. Why thinking to start your business from scratch when you can easily go for Own a Franchise in Saudi Arabia. Wakeel provides its clients with the most feasible and effective options you need to kick-start your business.

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