Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3 Things to Consider While Buying a Second Hand Smartphone

Are you thinking of selling the cell phone which you have been using for ages and getting a new one instead? A lot of money can go into buying a new cell phone so one great option is to go for a phone which has already been used by someone.

While thinking of finding an escape from the long-term carrier contract, it is very important to inspect it well for any kind of damage as you definitely do not want to lose your money.
Here are some of the very important things which you must check in a cell phone before buying it:

Visual examination goes beyond checking for the scratches and the screen, it actually requires you to thoroughly examine the phone inside out to check for any further damages. It is very important to check the phone for the liquid damage which you can see by opening the back cover. Any discoloration on the battery will let you know about the rusting and if the owner has already changed the battery, remove it and check any other such signs on the internal side of the phone. The camera lens and ports are other things which require your immense attention.

Just like you consider the specs in a brand new phone, you need to perform the same amount of research while going for a used one. The screen size, battery time, and quality of the camera are some of the things which you must go and check on the official website of the brand. Test if the touch screen is working absolutely fine and take note of any kind of lags because they’ll tell you if something is wrong with the circuitry. Checking all this beforehand will save you from wasting money on a machine which is ready to go to permanent sleep in near future.

Is The Phone Unlocked?
While selling cell phones, people do not care whether their phones are locked or unlocked so it becomes the responsibility of the buyer to check this thing beforehand. An unlocked phone provides you the flexibility of working with all the cellular carrier services, however, this is not the ultimate determining factor of the phone. It is better for you to check the price and condition of the phone because unlocking is not a tedious task. Usually, unlocked phones are more expensive and you can get it unlocked yourself at a reasonable cost.

People selling cell phones might be offering stolen phones, therefore, you need to be vigilant in this regard. You don’t want the authorities to come knocking at your door. Get a very clear idea before taking the step so that you don’t have to face any sort of unfavorable consequences.

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