Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Protect Your Home from Costly Water Leaks

Between 2004-2008, water damage was the second most frequently filed claim of the homeowners. Sadly, there is a common misconception in the people that water damage is no big thing and doesn’t result in any sort of significant damages. Contrary to this belief, flooding can actually cause considerable damage to your walls and floors and may even destroy the structure of the house.
Whether it is a minor leak or a major water issue, the results can always be catastrophic. Therefore, follow these tips in order to save your house from all sorts of flood damage repairs.

Check the Hoses and Faucets Regularly
The hoses which lead to the washing machine, refrigerator, and the dishwasher must be checked on a regular basis. This will keep you aware of possible damages and leakages. It is also recommended that these hoses should be replaced after every five to seven years to ensure their best working.

Check the Showers and the Bath Tubs
The caulking around the shower and the bathtub are something which should be monitored on a regular basis. They are supposed to be watertight so that there is no leakage outside the pipe and the area is completely safe. If you happen to find any kind of cracks in the caulk, replace it as soon as possible. It is not so expensive but performs a major function in preventing water from seeping into your floor.

Know From Where and How To Shut the Main Water Supply
If a pipe suddenly bursts in the house, it is impertinent to know about the main water supply so that it can be turned off on time. In most of the situations, turning off the main water source can save from significant damages.

Install the Floor Pans
Consider the option of installing the floor pans under your appliances which can always protect you from a catastrophic leak. These leaks usually cause slow damage which can be a result of major issues passing unnoticed for longer periods of time.

Consider Purchasing the Water Alarms
These water alarms can play a significant role in saving you from flood damage repair Baton Rouge. These alarms work more like smoke alarms and are triggered whenever they detect water in a specific area. This serves as a warning sign of a potential water threat and can save you from damage. These sensors are placed in laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, or next to the sump pump to provide increased protection to the house.

Purchase a Water Flow Monitoring System
This monitoring system becomes attached to the main water supply of the house and plays an important role in protecting the entire house. It works by measuring the flow of water in the main supply and can detect if it is fluctuating from the normal pattern.

These tips can play a handy role in saving your house from any kind of water damage and resolve all sorts of flooding problems.


  1. I had some water damage under my kitchen sink that eventually caused mold formation. Not a pretty sight & quite toxic, if left untreated.

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