Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Are Affordable Dental Implants a Risk?

Dental implants have gained a lot of popularity and understandably so as quality implants performed by equally god dentists can work wonders in the long run. Dental implants are quite expensive so it’s natural for people to look for cheaper implants. However, one should be careful and should not put one’s own dental health at risk by opting for something that is low in quality.

Instead one can be a prudent and informed customer. Be smart enough to know the dentist, his experience and training and the equipment being utilized as FDA compliant. Also get to know about the dentist from previous customers. It is important to see how the dentist handles the inquiries which will reflect on his professionalism. This is a process which cannot be taken for granted, as it may turn out to be something that is costly not just in terms of money but health too.
Don’t forget that this is something that going to be implanted in your body and will become a part of you. One of the biggest causes for dental implant failures are the infections. Symptoms such as redness, looseness, and soreness are indicative of infection. If low quality material is being used and the fitting isn’t done properly with gaps then it can become a host for bacteria which results in infection. Hence, looking to save money with use of substandard material has higher risk of failure.
If there is an infection then the patient will have to spend more money in order to get new devices meeting ADA and FDA standards, and another round of full fee will also be in order. Thus, the right thing to do is to not just look for affordable dental service providers they have to be credible too.
It is also very important for patients to know that they will have to observe strict dental hygiene to avoid infections.
  So be careful about advertisements who market affordable dental implants. Do some research on the experience and qualifications gained by the dentists over the years in Norcross GA. It is even more important to ensure that the material being used in compliant with FDA standards.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Process of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth can be removed by your dentist or an oral surgeon, and you will many such quality dentists in Norcross GA. The surgery itself is usually completed in one visit and it performed at the dentist’s facility. If there is a risk of complications or there are multiple teeth that need to be extracted then the dentist might recommend you visiting a hospital. If there is any infection then that have to be cleared up before the surgery, you will be prescribed antibiotics for that.

Local anesthetic will be administered before the tooth is removed. IF there are multiple teeth that need to be removed then a general anesthetic will be administered to prevent pain in the whole body. This puts the patient to sleep throughout the procedure. Patient is recommended not to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery, In order for the anesthetic to be administered. 

Dentists opens up the gum tissue which is over the tooth and then takes out any bone that might be covering it during the procedure. Stitches are needed in some cases and they dissolve with time, but there are some stitches that do not dissolve and have to be removed after few days. To avoid bleeding cotton gauze pad is used.

Normally recovery does not take much longer than few days. Following are few tips that can speed up the recovery process:

1.       Pain killers prescribed by the dentist will have to be taken on time.

2.       Cotton Gauze pads will have to be regularly changed whenever they get soaked with blood.

3.       Keep your head propped up with pillows and avoid laying fat as this can prolong the recovery process.

4.       Try to stay away from physical activity as it causes the blood to flow faster in the injured area.

5.       Have soft foods during this time.

6.       Do not use straw as it can loosen the blood clotting process.

7.       To reduce swelling and warm rinse your mouth gently with warm water and salt, this process is generally recommended after the first day.

8.       If you are a smoker then avoid smoking for 24 hours as it can loosen the clot.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why does one need insurance for Orthodontic Dental Treatment?

Family Orthodontic dental treatment has gained a lot of popularity especially amongst teenagers. Teenagers even pressurize their parents in an attempt to get the treatment done.

The treatment is also best performed at a young age to get the best results, but the biggest drawback which causes hesitation amongst parents is its cost. 

In this article we will be looking at question that parents’ have in their minds regarding orthodontic dental treatment’s cost.

 Does Insurance Cover Orthodontic Procedure?
Yes the insurance is meant to look after the cost of the treatment, equipment, procedure and the general orthodontic care. If you one of those who already have insurance then the policy might well include orthodontic coverage too. If the policy doesn’t cover orthodontic then you might require a supplementary form of insurance to cover the cost. This is quite important if any of your family members need orthodontic work or braces.

How Does the Coverage Work?
Just like regular dental or health insurance, patient is required to pay the monthly or yearly premium. The insurance provider normally pays for the procedure up to maximum amount. Maximum amount covered and the percentage that the provider would pay depends on the insurance company and the plan. There are companies out there that cover up to 50% of the entire procedure.

Why is the Insurance Necessary?
As mentioned earlier the treatment can be quite expensive. If there are family who are in need of the treatment at the same then this can cause financial issues.

Who Does it Cost More than the Regular Dental Procedure?
Most of the expenses are due to the equipment such as retainers, braces and other similar equipment. Dental x-rays, consistent checkups and adjustments that are required also cost quite a bit.

In many cases orthodontic procedures are termed as cosmetic treatments, therefore, quite a lot of insurance providers stay away from covering Family orthodontics work.

All of the aforementioned expenses make the entire process an expensive one, hence orthodontic dental insurance make a lot of sense and same goes for people of Duluth GA, to do the right thing. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Root Canal Treatment Has Become So Popular?

Root canal treatment has gained a lot of popularity not just in Duluth GA but all over the world and has become a preferred treatment for tooth restoration. It has replaced the age old practice of extracting tooth as the only method for tooth decay or diseases. If here is a tooth problem then one should consult a dentist, so that the issue can be thoroughly examined and if there is a need then the root canal treatment can be recommended.

Basic knowledge of the treatment
Before you go for Root Canal Treatment, it is important to have basic knowledge of root canals and the issues. Space within the root of the tooth which contains pulp chamber is the root canal. They can be interconnected via smaller branches which might be spread along the root length. The pulp chamber is filled with tissues and loose dental nerves that perform as sensory organs.

What is the procedure all about?
There can be one to four root canals in a tooth depending on its position. Toothaches are connected with bacterial growth in the pulp because of which the tooth breaks down. This results in abscessed tooth with pulp chamber filled with puss resulting in complications like face and swelling of the gums, drainage problems and loss of bone.

Consult a professional as soon as possible
If you feel swelling and tenderness in gums, discoloration, pain or pressure when chewing or sensitivity or pain to hot or cold intake one should consult a dentist. Dentists normally prescribe some kind of antibiotic before opting for a root canal treatment. One might also need to get an x-ray too.

Nip the problem in the bud
If the issue is not attended then it can create long term problems, hence to nip the problem in the bud dentists get rid of the pulp via root canal treatment. While going through the procedure dentists frequently uses X-Ray image for looking at the root canals’ shape and the extent of the damage. Dentists now make use of Root Canal Treatment to fix diseased or decayed tooth without having to extract it.