Friday, May 22, 2015

Process of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth can be removed by your dentist or an oral surgeon, and you will many such quality dentists in Norcross GA. The surgery itself is usually completed in one visit and it performed at the dentist’s facility. If there is a risk of complications or there are multiple teeth that need to be extracted then the dentist might recommend you visiting a hospital. If there is any infection then that have to be cleared up before the surgery, you will be prescribed antibiotics for that.

Local anesthetic will be administered before the tooth is removed. IF there are multiple teeth that need to be removed then a general anesthetic will be administered to prevent pain in the whole body. This puts the patient to sleep throughout the procedure. Patient is recommended not to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery, In order for the anesthetic to be administered. 

Dentists opens up the gum tissue which is over the tooth and then takes out any bone that might be covering it during the procedure. Stitches are needed in some cases and they dissolve with time, but there are some stitches that do not dissolve and have to be removed after few days. To avoid bleeding cotton gauze pad is used.

Normally recovery does not take much longer than few days. Following are few tips that can speed up the recovery process:

1.       Pain killers prescribed by the dentist will have to be taken on time.

2.       Cotton Gauze pads will have to be regularly changed whenever they get soaked with blood.

3.       Keep your head propped up with pillows and avoid laying fat as this can prolong the recovery process.

4.       Try to stay away from physical activity as it causes the blood to flow faster in the injured area.

5.       Have soft foods during this time.

6.       Do not use straw as it can loosen the blood clotting process.

7.       To reduce swelling and warm rinse your mouth gently with warm water and salt, this process is generally recommended after the first day.

8.       If you are a smoker then avoid smoking for 24 hours as it can loosen the clot.

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