Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sedation Dentistry and Dental Phobia.

If the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair makes you extremely anxious then you are only one of millions of people who have some kind of dental phobia. This might make you feel that you may not be able to get the complete procedure and treatment that you require because of the phobia. There is no reason why shouldn’t you get the complete treatment. There is a special method known as sedation dentistry that can help you overcome all your fears and have a stress free and complete procedure. 

As the name suggests sedation dentistry makes use f sedative drugs that keeps patients relaxed and calm during dental procedures. These sedatives are depressants, tranquilizers and nitrous oxide. Drugs are administered by IV sedation, injections, pills and gas. Depending on the kind of procedure that’s has to be performed and patient’s medical history then only it is determined what kind of sedation method has to be utilized. 

In the days gone by whenever such a dental procedure had to be performed, the dentist would administer a local anesthetic to that particular area by injection. Many people regardless of the age are apprehensive when it comes to injections no matter where it is being administered. In an attempt to make the procedure comfortable, almost all dentists make use of Sedation dentistry Duluth GA.
Administering sedation orally is one of the latest methods, and is very popular amongst people with dental phobia. 

Sedated patients do not remember anything about their procedure and if you ask them anything about the procedure they will tell you that they were asleep, that’s because the anesthesia that is used puts the patient in a state of altered consciousness which leaves them with no memory but still keeps them in a state to be able to respond to the dentist and follow instructions.

One of the best advantages of sedation is that patients who are petrified of the dentist are more than likely to keep up with all their appointments. This means that all the procedures can be completed in the best way possible and that too in short amount of time.

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